Robert Jakobs - REALTOR®


Robert Jakobs' passion for real estate ignited several years back when an early mentor of his, a colleague who invested in dozens of properties, showed Robert how you can develop wealth and provide for your family through careful real estate investing. Through that mentorship, Robert developed a modest investment portfolio for himself and, in doing so, has become thoroughly familiar with the business side of real estate, including cash flow, equity appreciation and mortgage pay down. From there, it was only natural for Robert to want to pursue real estate in other ways and bring his passion for real estate investments to being a REALTOR®, allowing him to help other people reach their financial goals.

While he can absolutely help real estate investors, Robert thoroughly enjoys working with all kinds of real estate clients; from families looking for their first home to empty nesters looking to downsize. His experience as an investor translates well to helping people with their own properties. For example, his detailed market knowledge and experience in various communities around Edmonton mean that his comparative market analyses (home evaluations) are detailed and informative. He is the type that "sweats the details" and his focus and determination are always appreciated by his clients. Understanding people and their needs is an area where Robert excels.

Another reason why Robert excels in real estate is his love of this community. He is a big Oilers fan and on his free time he enjoys running and mountain biking in the Edmonton river valley. He also likes to explore Edmonton for its food scene, microbreweries, coffee shops and festivals. In other words, he KNOWS this city and what the various areas have to offer.

Robert is very insightful when it comes to real estate and that thoughtful and thorough approach is ideal for people who want a client-centred professional. Someone to truly look out for their best interests. Just as he wants to be fully informed when he expands his portfolio, to minimize risk and maximize return, Robert wants that for his clients too. He works tirelessly to make sure his clients are in the best position to make informed decisions. So, whether you are looking for your next investment, to upsize, are a first-time homebuyer, or looking to sell your home, Rob will know how to help you every step of the way.