Michelle Wilkins - REALTOR®


Michelle Wilkins - REALTOR®

Michelle grew up in small-town Alberta before moving to Edmonton and obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Technology.

Now living with her husband and children in Sherwood Park, Michelle is quite familiar with the needs and challenges of the modern family, and the amenities and factors that families should consider when buying a home. When it comes to real estate, Michelle has invested in real estate for a number of years, including buying, renovating and selling houses, and she has a keen eye for a property's potential.

Above all that, however, is her love of real estate - for her, this is a hobby that she is all too happy to turn into her career. With her unique background, Michelle is well-suited to assist clients looking for that rural or small-town experience in the Edmonton region, as well as those who are looking to settle into one of the larger communities like Sherwood Park.

We are extremely proud to say that Michelle joined our team because she believes in our mission to provide stellar service and compete hard for our valued clients.

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