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Tuesday, May 8, 2012 - Are all real estate associates also REALTORS?

Are all real estate associates also REALTORS®?

Not every real estate associate is a REALTOR®.  To be a REALTOR® in Alberta, a person must:

1. Be licensed and authorized to trade in real estate by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (the governing body for the real estate industry in the province); and

2. Be a member of the local board of REALTORS® (in the Edmonton area, this is the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton).

A person can be licensed by RECA but choose not to belong to their local board of REALTORS®, however, in order to have access to the Multiple Listing Service® (or “MLS®”)  and to be able to use the term REALTOR®, an associate must be a member of their local board.

The Broker and associates of Rock Point Realty are all members of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton and, therefore, have access to MLS®.  As such, our access to MLS® to list and market a home, or find homes for buyers, is the same as every other REALTOR®. 

For more information about the advantages of using a REALTOR®, please visit the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton website at  

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