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Friday, January 30, 2015 - Selling tips! Renovations that add value!

Renovations that add value to your home!

Here are some quick and easy renos to aid in the sale of your home!

Storage space!  Use it! Ceiling space is often a neglected component within a home, and in the majority of cases there is enough room in the ceiling to create a storage space.  Use your attic!  If you don't have an attic access - make one!  

Painting! I show hundreds of homes and buyers cannot overlook bold paint.  Neutral paint is where it is at!  Invest in a can of paint and a roller and make it neutral.  White always makes things look larger but can look a bit institutional.  "Builder beige" seems to be the colour of choice!

Hardware! Hinges, door handles, light fittings and light switches – they seem like little things but people notice these!  You can change the whole feel of a room by changing these up!  

Landscaping! While landscaping isn't the greatest return on your investment - with a little sweat equity you can increase the appeal leading to a quicker sale.  

Aroma! Don't overpower your home with scents.  Buyers always think you might be hiding or covering something up.  I recommend those plug ins by Bath and Body works or a Saje Nebulizer!  Gentle but effective!

Permits! Ensure you have all the building and develompent permits for any basement development, hot tubs, air conditioners, fireplaces and decks!  You can attend your municipal planning and development department as the owner of a property and inquire about your file and check what may or may not be missing!

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